Preschool programs

Preschool programs in Anchorage, AK

Christian education

“God saw all that he had made and it was good…” is our motto for teaching children about the importance of life. We teach our youngsters to care not only about one another, but all of God’s gifts: plants, animals and the earth. Talk to us about our preschool programs in Anchorage, AK.

Christian Preschool Program

For each age group, our child care center has activities that appropriately suit their wants and needs. Through conversation, stories, word games and visual aids, written words, numbers, charts and books our children learn to read, count and think independently. Additionally, we help your child with measuring, shapes, grouping and estimating.

Physical education

In addition to expanding their minds, our teachers will help your children develop large and small muscle coordination and physical skills through the use of games, puzzles, tools, paints, clays, crayons, and other manipulative equipment. They'll also be able to enjoy activities that allow them to build, carry, climb, lift, push, swing, run, and jump.
Preschool programs in Anchorage, AK
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